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Our internal laboratory is equipped to carry out durability tests on the components of our production and in general on the entire structure of the assembled chair, in compliance with the reference regulatory standards.

In particular we are able to implement the following tests:

- Durability test of the supporting structure of the chair (Ref .: UNI EN 1335-3: 2000);
- Durability test of the armrests (Ref .: UNI EN 1335-3: 2000);
- Durability test for rolling of the loaded wheels;
- Durability test of the backrest support mechanism and the seat plate;
- Resistance test of the base of ANSI-BIFMA X5.1-1993 / 8 chairs.
- CIE 1976 L * a * b * Color Detection Test

Our equipment is able to record the parameters detected throughout the duration of the test on a computerized support and make the test results available through specific graphs and reports.

Upon request, CKS Srl can provide the customer with the tests result.

Durability test of the supporting structure

(Ref .: UNI EN 1335-3: 2000)

Questa prova viene effettuata eseguendo cinque test di vita nella medesima struttura (Rif.: UNI EN 1335-3:2000). Applicando le forze su vari punti dello schienale e del sedile per il numero di cicli, viene testata la resistenza della struttura della sedia.


Armrest durability test

(Ref .: UNI EN 1335-3: 2000)

Questa prova viene effettuata applicando delle forze sui braccioli per il numero di cicli. L’inclinazione delle forze simula l’uso del bracciolo in fase di seduta o di alzata.

Wheel rolling durability test under load

This test is done by sliding the base with the castors in an uneven surface with a certain load on the seat. The set number of cycles simulates the sliding of the wheels for 240 km.


Durability test of the back support mechanism and seat plate

This test is performed by applying a force for the number of cycles to simulate the strain placed on the back support and seat plate.

Color Detection Test

CIE 1976 L * a * b *

The colorimeter can be used on different bases and substrates. Absolute color values can be determined using the instrument (eg for determining the color position) or comparative measurements can be made between various samples.

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