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CKS Srl was founded in the '60s as a cycling parts producer for third parties.

In 1984, thanks to the experience developed in injection molding, it starts his first line of components and kits for office chairs and within five years the company became one of the largest suppliers of plastic components for Friuli's chair district. Now the company produces his own lines of office chair kits, we are present in several countries around the world (France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Romania, Serbia, Turkey, Nigeria, Morocco, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia, United States, South Africa and Australia).

Since 2007 the company has further diversified his business with the production of pots and accessories for greenhouses and flower growers.

Created to ensure molds maintenance and rapid intervention in case of breakage, our mold workshop has acquired new skills and greater competence over time. The production of small and medium-sized molds has in fact become one of the main activities of our workshop.

In 2014 the company started investing in gas-assisted injection molding developing a great experience in this sector. We are now able to follow our customers in the design and manufacture of molds and parts with GID technology.

Experience, innovation and customer care are our formula to offer quality products and services in all circumstances.

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